Sledgehammer Snuff Film Collection

by I Kill Whores

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As you're spitting up your blood - I beat your face in further.

Pulverized - Beyond fucking recognition

Laughing as I Crush your skull

I videotape the murder with my cell phone

And you die alone

There's gunna be a snuff film.

Sledge hammer. Snuff film. Collection

Sledge hammer. Snuff film. Collection

Your face collapses. Having brain spasms

Tha horrid violence turns me on.

A punishment-fit for the fucking homeless.

A soulless killer's solace

You disgust me you putrid worm

When will you ever learn?

A screwdriver thrust
Deep in your eyes
Complete lobotomized
Sledge hammer. Snuff film. Collection.


released May 4, 2017



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